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Amethyst Pendulum with Chakra Bead Chain

Amethyst Pendulum with Chakra Bead Chain

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Considered a very impressive healing crystal, discover the unique powers of amethyst with this beautiful Amethyst Crystal PendulumAmethyst is a deeply soothing stone said to enhance spiritual development. Its healing is believed to boost the immune system and relieve pain.

Chakra chain:
1. Amethyst, 2. Rose Quartz, 3. Rock-Crystal, 4. Green Aventurine, 5. Golden Quartz, 6. Carnelian, 7. Red Jasper.

This gemstone pendulum has been perfectly balanced to make it easy to use in a variety of settings. It is small enough to carry around but believed to be powerful enough to detect energy fields and energy imbalances in the body. This is a crystal gift both beautiful and useful for any occasion.

Size: 4x2cm on a 20cm chakra bead chain.

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