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Californian White Sage - 9 Inch

Californian White Sage - 9 Inch

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Premium quality Californian sage smudge stick. Cleanse your home with the sweet, evocative scent of ceremonial sage used for centuries for spiritual communion and ritual. 

Create a home ritual to cleanse your space before meditation or yoga. Cleanse your own aura when feeling out of balance, with a wonderful sage filled energetic shower. Use sage to mark your intentions. Refresh, reboot and transform your mind, body and surroundings. Can also be used for cleansing your gemstones and crystals.

Some ideal times to cleanse your space with sage:

  • When you move into a new home or office space.
  • When you make any new beginning such as job or business.
  • Before and after meditation
  • Before and after a yoga or healing session.
  • After a stressful day.
  • During and after an illness.
  • When we have been in busy spaces and need to detach.

To smudge:

  1. Place your sage on a heatproof bowl or plate. The indigenous American people use abalone shell to represent the element of water.
  2. Light the sage bundle by holding a flame to the body. If it catches fire gently blow on the flame until it returns to smouldering.
  3. You may need to return your flame to the bundle as they tend to go out a few times before smouldering well,
  4. Once you have a good smoke use your hand or feather to waft the scented sage smoke over your body or around the space you are cleansing.

          Size: 9 inches

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