Labradorite Pebbles Assorted
Labradorite Pebbles Assorted
Labradorite Pebbles Assorted

Labradorite Pebbles Assorted

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Labradorite is a gemstone of magic; this crystal has been used by shamans and healers for generations. It helps those seeking knowledge and guidance to find answers. It is excellent for awakening your life’s purpose, intuition and psychic abilities.

Labradorite is a powerful crystal for protection. It creates a shield of energy and strengthens the natural energies of your aura. It protects against negative energies and bad luck. This stone can also help you to reach a higher state of consciousness and clairvoyance of the past or the future.  Wearing or carrying Labradorite helps to develop your intuition, clairvoyance and to connect with the spiritual world. It also helps in communicating with spirit guides and totems. It is also useful for psychic readings and past-life recall. It provides an ease in moving between past, present and future and allows a safe and grounded return to the present. Use this gemstone to meditate and connect to your inner self and wisdom.*

Size:  Approx 3.5 - 4cm

Price is for one piece.

The photo is a good representation of stock - size and colour may vary.

Promise I will pick you a good one!!

*This information has not been scientifically proven, it is based on the experience of users and therapists. When in doubt about your health, consult a medical professional.

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