Mindfulness (Made Easy Series) by Ed Halliwell

Mindfulness (Made Easy Series) by Ed Halliwell

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Understand this popular approach and cultivate a daily practice for increased health and happiness.

Mindfulness is a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern life and teaches us how to eb still in the present moment, to pay attention to ourselves and our surroundings and cultivate peaceful clarity and openness.

Ed Halliwell teaches mindfulness to prestigious global organizations, advises the UK government on creating mindfulness-based policies and works on mindfulness campaigns for the Mental Health Foundation. In this wee-by-week guide, packed with practical exercises and suitable for all levels of experience, Ed presents traditional mindfulness teaching alongside scientific evidence that shows these techniques have huge potential for enhancing our health and wellbeing. 

* Key mindfulness practices
* The science of mindful attention and neuroplasticity
* How to cultivate a mindful attitude
* Seeing with awareness and approaching challenges
* When to let go and when to take mindful action


Information: 275 pages, paperback

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