Singing Bowl Gift Set (Purple)

Singing Bowl Gift Set (Purple)

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A delightful boxed gift set comprising of a machined brass singing bowl, a pretty satin cushion and a wooden stick with a suede padding around one end that helps to create better reverberation. There are five members of a family working in this business that makes these, working from home and also in a small retail/wholesale shop in Kathmandu, Nepal. They mainly use traditional techniques whilst making products, however they have introduced lots of new techniques into the production and collection of the old and new singing bowls amongst other handicrafts. They endeavour to repair and recycle all the damaged good to reduce waste. This supplier is a member of the Mitrata Nepal foundation which provides the food, shelter, education and health care for orphaned children. They are also very active in the arts, working for many years to preserve and promote traditional cultural dance and songs in Nepal. They have a small patch of land - called an urban farm - where they grow vegetables fruit and flowers for themselves and their neighbours and recycle food waste to make compost manure. Electricity is generated via a hydro power plant and for heating water they use solar energy. They are proud to be providing excellent products and services at a fair price and be able to support their family and community with sustained work. A singing bowl is traditionally used for mediation to help release healing energies to unlock the body's chakras and makes a lovely hypnotic ring/hum sound as well as use as a bell.

Why we love this product!

  • Fairtrade
  • Handmade
  • Traditional and spiritual
  • Available in two deep and lovely colours
  • An attractive and thoughtful gift


Dimensions: 13cm diameter

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