Trust Life by Louise Hay

Trust Life by Louise Hay

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Life loves you was Louise's signature affirmation. It's the heart thought that best represents her life and work. At her book signings, with queues of hundreds of people, Louise would diligently sign each book with Life loves you. She signed offer her emails with Life loves you. She ended phone calls and Skype sessions with Life loves you. It was always Life with a capital 'L' referring to the One Infinite Intelligence at work behind all things.

Life loves you is more than just an affirmation, though. It points to a philosophy of basic trust that encourages us to trust that Life - wit ha capital 'L' - wants our highest good, and that the more we love Life, the most Life can love us. The first step on this path of trust is to be willing to let love in. By loving ourselves more, we can truly love one another more. This is how we become a loving presence in the world - someone who affirms wholeheartedly I love Life, and Life loves me. - Robert Holden, co-author with Louise Hay of Life Loves You

Information: 400 pages, paperback

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