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Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone Pendant

Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone Pendant

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A quality natural Fluorite gemstone pendant. Metal eyelet, nickel-free.

This is a natural product so colour, shape and size may vary and differ from the picture shown.  As always this item is nickel-free.

18 Inch Silver Plated Snake Chain is included!

Size:  1.5 - 3cm


Rainbow fluorite or multicolour fluorite is stone that often contains both green and purple fluorite. It is a protective and stabilising stone, promoting self-confidence and insight in our restrictive patterns (of behaviour, emotions and thinking). Aids concentration and information processing so helps when studying. It also protects against and cleans electromagnetic radiation (like from computers, mobile phones, etc). On the physical level, the stone has a positive effect on stiffness and joint problems and the skin. (*)




* This information has not been scientifically proven; it is based on experiences of users and therapists. Any healing properties outlined are in no way meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician. If in doubt about your health, consult a physician.


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