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Four Directions Smudge Stick - 7.5 INCH

Four Directions Smudge Stick - 7.5 INCH

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Smudge Stick Contains: Blue Sage, Sweet Grass, Sage Flowers and Juniper

Blue Sage or Grandmother Sage - Cleansing of Negativity or Exorcism
Sweet Grass - Balance; Harmony
Sage Flowers - Conflicting Emotions
Juniper - Invite Positive; Summon Thunderbird


Smudging, the ritual burning of sage, is done to clear a space or person of negative energies. If your home feels stale or sad, if an argument has taken place and the air still hums with anger, if unpleasant energy lingers after a visitor – these are times to smudge. One may also smudge one’s self to banish anger, ailment, sadness or illness.  

All sticks are wrapped with 100% cotton yarn for safe and helpful burning.  Each ingredient is considered a sacred herb used for centuries by Native Americans.  In their 'smudging' ceremonies, 'smudging' is the name given to the burning of these herbs for the purposes of cleansing and sending our prayers.  Today people are 'smudging' to receive the benefits known to generations of our Native American brothers and sisters.

How to use a smudge stick

Light the smudge stick, wait for a moment, then blow out the flames. Fan embers lightly to keep it smouldering (you may need to re-light). Use the smoke to cleanse persons, property or spaces. Use an abalone shell or pottery dish to catch the ashes.

All Fluorescent Ranch products are sustainably harvested in a traditional way.

Comes complete with instructions on how to use.

Size: Approximately 7.5 inches in length (19cms)


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