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Goloka Chandan cones

Goloka Chandan cones

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More information about Goloka Chandan cones

A combination of herbs and resin, flowers and honey and fragrant oils make wonderfully scented Goloka aromas. The basis of this blessed incense is sandalwood, after the Sanskrit word 'chandan'. Sandalwood acts as a cleanser and has a sweet temple scent when it’s burned. Let this aroma fall over you like a shower, and feel purified and positive. Sandal incense sticks are popular during meditation and to find inner balance. It also stimulates the third eye, or intuition.

Here and in other parts of Asia, incense has been used for thousands of years for meditation, as a cleansing- or morning ritual, for marking an event or creating a divine or fresh aura. A blend of natural ingredients became the basis for spicy, fresh, floral, wooden, powdery or sweet scents as almost transcendental odors. Decorate your house now with personally chosen divine fragrances.

Usage incense cones

To burn the incense cones we advice to use a special cone burner. You can lit the tip of a cone with a flame of a matchstick or lighter holder. As soon as it glows red you can put it down on the surfaces of the bottom so that it burns from the top down.

Do not have a holder yet but would you like to purchase one? In the collection of Eastern Trading Agencies you will find numerous holders that are specially designed for the burning of incense pyramids.


Benefits of Goloka Incense

  • Non-profit organization Goloka Sevan Trust is known for supporting charities;
  • These Agarbatti are hand-rolled according to the traditional natural purity masala method;
  • Intense scents very quickly that masks unpleasant odors;
  • Restores balance in energy centers for body and mind;
  • When you use an incense burner, the ash can be cleaned up effortlessly.

Specifications of Goloka Chandan cones

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Weight 340.0000
Brand Goloka
Packaging Per Piece
Smell Other
Measurements 15x7x12
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