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Green Tara Incense

Green Tara Incense

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This marvellous Green Tara incense has a deep, earthy aroma and a rich green colouring. Each stick is hand prepared in the traditional way by making long lengths and then cutting to the required size. The incense does not have a wood or bamboo stick inside it and therefore produces a fuller, undiluted aroma. Green Tara is one of the most popular goddesses in the Buddhist pantheon and is regarded as representative of enlightened activity. This incense is primarily used as an offering in puja, which is a special kind of daily worship and an expression of devotional attention. 

From the Box:

"Green Tara traditional Tibetan incense is purely hand prepared from highly flavoured medicinal herbs and other precious substances. The combination of genuine scented substances makes the green Tara incense richer and superior quality than other incenses. Our incense is totally absent of chocking and camphor smell and is also non-toxic and non-habit forming. Generally, the Tibetan incense is used for Puja offering and purification, but is also used as air freshener which keeps one's surroundings with a good scent."

Approx: 19 Sticks
Each 140mm
Origin: Nepal

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