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Rapeseed Wax Scented Eco Candles

Rapeseed Wax Scented Eco Candles

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9 types of rapeseed candles available:

Palo Santo
Mandala (Oudh)
Ohm (Jasmine / Musk)
Flower of Life (Lemongrass / Frankincense / Mint)
Yin Yang (Lavender / Ylang ylang / Orange) 
Nag Champa
White sage
Tree of Life (Amber / Oudh / Sandalwood)

Rapeseed wax 
Rapeseed wax is made from rapeseed oil, which contains no toxic ingredients and is not harmful to the environment. Quite on the contrary, rapeseed helps and protects the soil for future crops whilst the plant produces oil and animal feed. Also, the wax is friendly to humans and wildlife and has a smaller carbon footprint than, for example, soy wax, as it is grown and processed in Europe.

Product specifications
Burning time 25 hours.
Non-GMO rapeseed from Germany.
Recycled square glass, that can be re-used as atmospheric lighting.

Packaging: Cardboard Box.

Size: 6x6x6cm

Place out of reach of children and pets.
Do not place in a drafty spot.
Do not leave a burning candle unattended.
Place on a heat resistant surface.
When the wax is fully melted, carefully move the candle only if needed, as the wick can easily move to the side of the glass.

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