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Sterling Silver Celestial Eye Obsidian Teardrop Pendant

Sterling Silver Celestial Eye Obsidian Teardrop Pendant

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This handmade Semi Precious Stone 925 Sterling Silver Pendant is a unique one-off piece. A sterling silver chain (16-18 inches) is included with the purchase. 

 Of volcanic origin, Celestial Eye Obsidian results from the contact between water and lava, when the lava flows into a lake or an ocean. This encounter produces a thermal shock which creates a glassy material rich with energy. Celestial eye obsidian occurs predominantly in black with multicoloured reflections in the form of lines or circles.

Celestial Eye Obsidian is associated with fire. It dispels fears and opens your chakras to the creative fire. The stone helps you develop new ideas and realise projects in line with your desires. It harmonises you with your true nature and restores your dynamism. It promotes joy and well-being.

Used extensively in meditation, celestial eye obsidian assists in overcoming emotional blockages and painful memories to bring clarity and security. The stone develops your sense of compassion and provides you with incredible strength to face the hardships of life.

Chakra: Root Chakra

Zodiac: Scorpio

The pictured item is the actual piece you are purchasing.

Packaged in a box, with a foam insert and organza bag. 

Length: 40mm (excluding bail)

Width: 25mm (approx)

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