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Sterling Silver Faceted Mystic Topaz Studs

Sterling Silver Faceted Mystic Topaz Studs

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Sterling Silver Faceted Mystic Topaz Studs

Mystic Topaz contemplates as a topaz that has a coating of white topaz along with other minerals like titanium topaz. The tints of the gemstone can be seen in the various colors like bottle green, blue as well as purple. The resonating energies of the stone boost the meditative state of the person to attain the higher self. The charismatic properties of the stone make it a stone of fiery energies, so regarded as a fire topaz or mystic fire topaz. It too soothes the surrounding aura and the rainbow sheen; it creates give an appearance of Alaskan ice. The eminence of Mystic Topaz too helps the soul to attain the spiritual path to knowing the inner self in a better way. Further, the energies of the stone likewise serve to utilize the inner resources and hidden capabilities to gain all the riches of life as well as understand the true self. Mystic Topaz is also identified in public as Caribbean topaz and Alaska topaz.

The eminent energies of Mystic Topaz too enable the intellectual powers and serve the spirit to undertake the spiritual travelling for understanding the deep sense of living. The vitality of the gem helps to enhance the intellectual torso in addition to the emotional for leading a tranquil life. The vivacity of the gemstone furthermore helps to gain psychic knowledge and understand the higher self. It likewise helps to release coldness from the inner self by infusing optimistic behaviour. The energies of the stone attract luck and prosperity to the soul by magnetizing people by offering monetary friendships or business proposals. Mystic Topaz too endorse trust, positive reception moreover accepting and healing.

 Chakra: Throat 

Zodiac: November 

The pictured item is the actual piece you are purchasing.

Packaged in a box, with a foam insert and organza bag. 

 Stone size: 7x7mm

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