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Turquoise Sterling Silver Oval Earrings

Turquoise Sterling Silver Oval Earrings

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These handmade Semi Precious Stone 925 Sterling Silver Earrings are a unique one-off piece. 

Turquoise is one of the oldest known stones or crystals used by people from Shamans to Kings as a talisman of protection. 

This is a protective stone, taking on the characteristics that are positive around those holding it or wearing it as a talisman. It is said to lose colour or fade if the wearer is ill and can return its colour when seated with a new keeper.

From Ancient Egypt to the South American Aztecs and Incas, to the North American Indians to China and beyond. It has travelled with Kings, Rulers and shamans as a stone of Protection. Worn and adored by riders to protect against falls originally, it has become known as an all-around protective stone.

A grand stone of change and positive movement assisting with transitions in work and home life. Encouraging us to be true to ourselves honouring our divine purpose. ​Turquoise aids in strengthening ourselves, it is a great stone for when you are feeling exhausted and worn out. 

Chakra:  Throat but will strengthen and align all

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces & Aquarius

The pictured item is the actual piece you are purchasing.

Packaged in a box, with a foam insert and organza bag. 

Length: 22mm (excluding bail)



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