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Messages Of Life Oracle by Mario Duguay

Messages Of Life Oracle by Mario Duguay

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Messages of Life is an affirmation card deck. The card messages are written in the first person - this gives the affirmations greater power. They are designed as positive mantras that you can repeat to yourself in your mind, or aloud, as you go about your daily life. When used regularly, affirmations have the power to replace negative thought patterns with new, more uplifting and empowering ones. 

About the Author
Mario Duguay is an internationally recognized artist from Quebec, Canada. His artwork is infused with the vibrations of spirit, healing and peace that he has experienced and embraced through his personal journey of self-discovery. This deck invites you to realize the intimacy and beauty of spirit for yourself. 

Pack Includes: 54 Guidance Cards

Card Size: Approximately 8 x 17 cm (3.2 x 6.7").

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