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Metta Feng Shui Chakra Rainbow Crystal Heart

Metta Feng Shui Chakra Rainbow Crystal Heart

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In Feng Shui, these rainbow crystals are used to create a positive energy flow in your home. This sparkling and elegant crystal lotus hanging is perfect for this purpose.

Seven small octagonal crystals that symbolise the colours of the seven chakras. The Crystal heart at the end symbolises "METTA - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE".

Comes in a blue cardboard gift box. 

Feng Shui (pronounce as: fang shouee) is the over a 3,000 years old philosophy, teaching how the environments may influence well-being.  Feng Shui aims at adapting our living or working environment in ways that stimulate a harmonious flow of Chi (life force). In Chinese philosophy, it is all about harmony and balance between the complementary forces of yin and yang, like male and female, etc.

Size: 20cm


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