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Selenite Drop Pendulum With Chakra Chain

Selenite Drop Pendulum With Chakra Chain

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 These pendulums are being used with aroma therapy, herbal remedies, radionics, homeopathy, essential oils therapy, with card readings and in the healing practice. Objects in the room may be affected by the properties of the (semi-)precious stone of the pendulum itself. No two minerals are exactly the same, so the appearance may differ in size or colour.

Selenite is named after the Greek Moon-goddess, because of the moonlike refraction of the light through the stone. The effect is conciliatory and connective between lovers. Selenite crystals are semi-precious stones, with a special radiation. They are linked to the sixth Chakra (the Third Eye) as well as the seventh, the Crown Chakra. In particular the white or transparent crystals offer a beneficial effect. *

The 7 chakra chain stones are:
Blue Aventurine
Dark Green Aventurine
Yellow Aventurine
Red jasper

Size: 4cm pendulum


*This information is not scientifically proven, it is based on the experience of therapists and users. Seek sound professional medical treatment when indicated for any condition.

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