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Iconic Tarot Decks: History Symbolism And Design

Iconic Tarot Decks: History Symbolism And Design

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In this book, author Sarah Bartlett presents fifty-six of the most iconic tarot decks - telling the powerful stories of how each was devised and designed and showcasing their most exemplary cards. Including the Visconti-Sforza Tarot, a fifteenth-century deck that reveals the fates of two Italian dynasties; the Sola Busca Tarot, with its esoteric alchemical codex; and the iconic Rider-Waite-Smith deck. This is the perfect book for collectors, cartomancers, designers, tattoo artists, and anyone interested in the art and mystery of tarot.

Format: Hardback

Pages: 224

Illustrated: Over 325 colour images

Dimensions: 240x192mm

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